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Tesla Model Y Performance


⚡Performance Model Upgrade

Black Mamba is fully packed with Performance Brakes that turns head given the bright Red Sporty Color, Lowered Suspension, Aluminum Alloy Pedals, and a Carbon Fiber Spoiler to give the Black Mamba an aggressive appeal.

🌇 Long Range - 270mi

Don't ruin your Los Angeles experience with constant stops to charge! You'll get a whopping 270-mile range with Black Mamba and spend more time enjoying the sights.

🎶 Unlimited Premium Connectivity

Step-up with an incredible experience in Black Mamba which has streaming and in-car apps for you to enjoy on-the-road or while you're parked! This includes one of my favorite road trip activities for the passengers... Caraoke!

🚀 21’’ Überturbine Wheels

Upgrade from the standard Aero Tesla wheels to these premium 21’’ Überturbine Wheels! Black Mamba is equipped with stunning wheels that will draw attention anywhere you go.

🔌 Wireless Charging Pad

Your device won't lose juice... as the Black Mamba has a built-in wireless charger equipped with the coil. We keep it clean, sleek, and convenient in this Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Performance

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