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  • Edwin Sarkisian

Can you roadtrip with a Tesla? The answer is YES.

Many people opt to rent a car instead of driving their own personal vehicle for a road trip. There are several reasons for this; perhaps their own vehicle simply isn’t reliable enough for a long trip, or they don’t want to add excessive mileage to their car. Renting a car for a road trip just makes more sense, and a roadtrip with a Tesla makes the most sense!

But wait – can you roadtrip with a Tesla? Absolutely. We recommend getting a Long Range Tesla rental for your road trip, and here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. You can use Tesla Autopilot

Driving for hours can be very tiresome and even cause strain on your body. On a Tesla roadtrip, you can sit back, relax, and let Tesla Autopilot do the majority of the legwork for you! Just make sure to remain alert and keep your hands on the wheel.

2. It’s just greener

If you were to drive all those miles with a non-electric vehicle, you’d have to spend so much money on gas! Plus, your carbon footprint would be massive. Go green, go electric by going on a roadtrip with a Tesla.

3. The panoramic moonroof

All Teslas are equipped with a stunning panoramic moonroof, allowing you to gaze up at the gorgeous blue sky during the day and the beautiful sparkling stars during the night throughout your road trip.

4. You can sing Caraoke

Keep the entire family or friend group entertained during the long drive with some good ol’ karaoke! Tesla Caraoke has a massive library of the biggest hits in the past few decades, and it allows for the lyrics to show up right on screen for you to sing along to on your Tesla roadtrip!

5. Ride in style:

Let’s face it, Teslas just look way cooler than the average car. If you’re going on a road trip, why not ride in style?

If you’re concerned about range – don’t be. Tesla’s Long Range models are capable of driving 300+ miles before needing to be charged. Plus, there are plenty of supercharger stations available – and Tesla makes it easy to plan your trip accordingly! Simply use Tesla’s Trip Planner, which will map out a route for you to include supercharging locations along the way for your epic Tesla roadtrip!


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