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  • Edwin Sarkisian

Monthly Car Rentals in LA, headquartered in Los Angeles, offers hassle-free, monthly car rentals in LA. Our Tesla rentals come with unlimited mileage and delivery services. Furthermore, our Tesla monthly car rentals have no hidden fees and do NOT require a credit check.

Check out our Bat Mobile Model 3 - fully loaded and the ultimate Tesla driving experience.

Note: however, these are the mandatory rules when operating one of our Tesla Car Rentals –

  • Lessee/Driver must be at least 18 years old to rent a car as per California law.

  • No smoking in the Tesla rentals, with up to $500 fine for violations.

  • Tesla rentals should be returned with a minimum of 100 remaining miles.

  • Parking Tickets, Tolls & Supercharging Fees are the responsibility of the Tesla rental driver

See more information about requirements and violations in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Need additional information regarding our monthly car rentals in LA? If so, you can contact us by phone (818) 851-1651 or by emailing us:


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