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  • Edwin Sarkisian

Nadia Stone and Bilal Dawson go on a Tesla date!

The content-creating power couple Nadia Stone and Bilal Dawson were visiting LA and, of course, they needed a car to get around the city. We were more than happy to provide them with our red Long Range Tesla Model 3!

What sets a Tesla it apart from all other vehicles is that it’s not just a car – it’s an experience. Bilal knew this, and planned an adorable Tesla date night experience to surprise his girlfriend, Nadia!

He decked out the car interior with colorful lights, got some blankets, and had Netflix playing on the touchscreen display. He even ordered a pizza delivery right to the car!

Check out Nadia Stone and Bilal Dawson’s video on TikTok or Instagram to see the entire Tesla date experience!

Want to have a Tesla date of your own? Then rent a tesla of your own with TeslaRented!


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