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Tesla Model 3 Long Range

🌇 Long Range - 310mi

Don't ruin your Los Angeles experience with constant stops to charge! You'll get a whopping 310-mile range with Iron Man and spend more time enjoying the sights.

✈️ Enhanced Autopilot

Iron Man is FULLY-LOADED with autopilot and self-driving features that make longer trips to & traffic a breeze. Just push down twice on the right gear stalk and this Model 3 will take you from A to B with minimal effort!

🎶 Unlimited Premium Connectivity

Step-up with an incredible experience in Iron Man which has streaming and in-car apps for you to enjoy on-the-road or while you're parked! This includes one of my favorite road trip activities for the passengers... Caraoke!

♻️ Clean Air Carpool Stickers

Single-rider? No problem! Breeze through LA traffic by driving in the Carpool lane as Iron Man has access stickers. Whether you're with a group or riding solo... you can pick-up the carpool lane with 0 issues.

🌤️ Window Tints

We all know that Cali sun is bright and beaming all year round... but with our window tints, you'll be cool and covered inside Iron Man! Enjoy the sun when you want it and stay away from it when you don't. No more stressing over uncomfortable sunlight!

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

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